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Specializing in the Automotive Transportation Sector

¤   Strategic Planning
     -  Developed Strategic Plan for Supplier Consolidation
     -  Developed Acquisition Strategies for Private Equity Firms

¤   Product Planning
     -  Developed Cycle Plans for several manufacturers
     -  Assessment of Manufacturer´s Product Plans
     -  Product Evaluations – example: Motor Trend Car of the Year

¤   Business Planning
     -  Developed Business Plans for $60M to $60B Manufacturers

¤   Product Innovation
     -  New External and Internal Proprietary Technologies in
        Powertrain, Chassis, Safety and Body Systems

¤   Product Design and PLM Implementation
     -  Implemented PLM and Generative Design Templates in Body Systems
     -  Consulted in BOM/BOP/BOA application of PLM

¤   Engineering and Analysis
     -  CAD/CAE/CAM Projects
     -  Systems Architecture
     -  Systems Engineering

¤   Supplier Sourcing and Development

¤   Specialty Manufacturing
     -  Low volume manufacturing of vehicles and Body systems

¤   Lean Product Development
     -  Developed Lean Product Development curriculum for a client
     -  Taught Application of Toyota Lean Production to the Product Development Process

¤   Mergers & Acquisitions
     -  Participated in financial, planning and technical evaluations of companies targeted for acquisition through private equity funding.  Acquisition values ranged from $10M to $3B

¤   Business Restructuring
     -  Restructured two distressed companies for clients

¤   Technical Assessments of Emerging Technologies
     -  Technical Advisor for two Safety Innovations
     -  Evaluated Powertrain Technologies and Patents for clients
     -  Internally funded programs on Multiple Innovations

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